Name, first nameRachezYear of birth1992UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectDigital AmnesiaAbstractMy research project is about traumatic event in this era of the ubiquity of images of violence that informs us in live what is happening on earth.

In this total overwhelming flow of informations that modified constantly our perceptions of our personal environnement. This loss of informations has create a world in uncertainty and has modified the definition of truth and our sensitivity of it.

By looking at recent practices that respond to a violent traumatic event, my aim, is to understand how they answer to a traumatic event and in which form they are shown.

How those subjects are translated by the artists ? In which form ? Why those subjects needs to be shown ?What needs to be said ? Is there limits of what need to be say ?

And create a tool that will help me to understand my own story and define my own practice.
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Digital Amnesia