Name, first nameLuca TannerYear of birth1990UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldTextile / Fashion DesignTitle of projectFrom the consumer to the prosumer in the fashion industryAbstractOn the basis of examples from different fashion, art and industry directions, a new method of fashion creation with the involvement of customers is being attempted in this written work. The approaches of the three actors, the handicraft enthusiast, the specialist and the digital native, are described as examples to analyse their methods and to get to know how people are performing handicraft work nowadays with the possibilities of using analogue or digital help. A way of production with new mechanical help should make it possible to shift the production back in a local area. It should be possible to give a certain part of the production to the consumer. The aim is to involve the customers in the fashion creation in order to create a system for the garments for them, so that they can modify, change and add other elements to the garments. This modular system should make the consumer appreciate the garments more. This could improve consumer behaviour and save resources.TutorsChristiane Luible-BärFileDownload file